Human for Huxley is the story of an independent dog that realizes that life just may be easier with a little help. Follow Huxley as he looks for his own human to adopt. Children will enjoy using the Dog-to-English dictionary found in the front of the book to interpret what Huxley is saying. A Human for Huxley is available on Amazon. Click “Buy” on the photo to purchase your paper back, hard cover or e-book copy today!

Mission: Protect Bear tells the story of Bear and his three friends, Duck, Deer and Skunk. There are three days left in bear hunting season, and Bear has lost his voice, so he cannot roar to protect himself from the hunters. His three friends rally around Bear to protect him. Each friend uses their own special animal skill to protect bear. It is not until the end of the story that we find out that the third friend is a skunk (and the narrator of the book), who uses his spray to protect Bear. The fun plot and characters make this a very enjoyable story to read. Mission: Protect Bear is available on Amazon. Click on “Buy” to purchase your paper back or e-book copy today!